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Our new web store is up!
Our new web store is up! Check out the brand new t-shirts, hoodie, BBQ set, shot glass and more at gringobanditostore.com.
2015 Private Reserve
Ladies and gentleman, the 2015 Private Reserve! We will officially be releasing this year's Private Reserve on Tuesday, November 17 at 9:00am Pacific Standard Time. This is an exclusive, one-time only special batch of our not-so-famous hot sauce with a unique recipe containing a blend of spicier peppers.

More details coming soon....

See You Again In 2016!
Thank you to everyone who came out to support another year of the Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce & Chronic Tacos Challenge! We'll see you again in 2016.
Congratulations to Takeru Kobayashi
Congratulations to Takeru Kobayashi on setting a new World Record yesterday at the 5th Annual Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce & Chronic Tacos Challenge by eating 144 tacos in 10 minutes!

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"I hope you enjoy the adventurous flavor and tingling tantalization of my not-so-famous pepper sauce. For over two years I have searched far and wide for the perfect combination of spices to make your next dining experience a zinger. And I tried to make it easy on the pooper, too. Try it on tacos, burritos, eggs, pizza - it's like a party in your mouth. I personally guarantee it."
- Dexter Holland
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The Original....5 oz. bottle of Gringo Bandito hot sauce.
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Four for the price of three! Includes four 5 oz. bottles of Gringo Bandito...
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"I put Gringo Bandito on eggs, steak, chicken, hookers. Everything I want to taste great."
Adam Carolla - Radio Host
"It spices up a government cheese sandwich."
Warren Fitzgerald - The Vandals
"Hot as hell, but not too sweet or too sour. Todd Shaw is right, life IS Too Short... to miss out on Gringo Bandito! You can rock this hot sauce on anything!"
Jesse Luscious - Blatz, Criminals, Frisk, and KALX Berkeley

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